Archest LTD


Archest is a Russian independent design company specialized as general designer in architecture, engineering and project management services. Starting from the concept design stage, true the stage P design, until the working documentation design, Archest with its specialists is providing the necessary support for clients and investors. Archest has been involved successfully in many industrial projects, including unique and technological complex facilities. A dedicated set of services is provided to foreign investors to support developing successful projects in Russian Federation. Our services include: - General designer services; - Architectural design; - Landscape design; - Structural design; - Engineering systems design; - Technological design; - Adaptation of foreign projects according to Russian standards; - Value engineering for general contractors; - Author supervision, site control; - Client’s Engineer services;

  • Development of design and budget documentation
  • Development of working documentation
  • Technological design and engineering
  • Designing own power plant
  • Processing of source-permitting documentation (IRD)
  • Adaptation of foreign design documents to the requirements of the Russian legislation
  • Technological and price audit
  • BIM design

  • Obtaining building permits
  • Technical Contractor
  • Author supervision