a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:2741:"The Baltic Industrial Park is a modern industrial park on the territory of the Kaliningrad region with a developed infrastructure: energy and water supply, sewage treatment facilities, railway and road access, warehouses and office buildings, telecommunications systems, fire protection, as well as repair and transportation services. The territory of the Baltic Industrial Park consists of an already developed land plot with an area of ​​132 hectares, as well as a prospective development site of ​​103 hectares. The park infrastructure: - Zhukovskaya transformer substation - 2 transformers 25 MVA each (total licensed capacity of 21.25 MW); - Industrial heating boiler-house. Designed for production and supply of medium-pressure steam for the technological needs of the enterprise, as well as for the heat supply of production and administrative buildings (3 steam boilers, 12 tons of steam per hour each); - Gas supply networks (gas pipeline on the territory of the Baltic Industrial Park); - Drain rack (5 drain units for dark oil products and ethylene glycol); - Warehouse for dark oil products (2 tanks with a capacity of 1000 cubic meters each); - Water catchment and water treatment facility. A complex of 80-meter deep artesian wells provides water supply to the enterprise. The supplied water goes through additional filtration on the plant’s water treatment facilities to make it of drinking quality. Volume - 2020 cubic meters / day; - Treatment facilities. The treatment facilities purify the effluent until it reaches the quality sufficient for discharge. Today, it is one of the most compact treatment facilities by the Enviro-Chemie company; - Fire department. The territory of the enterprise contains a fire safety system which includes: a fire department, fire trucks, 24-hour duty fire fighting personnel and automated fire protection systems, 2 Ural 4320-chassis tank trucks, own foam fire extinguishing and foam-forming units. A fire extinguishing license is obtained; - Own non-public railway tracks with a total length over 10 km, equipped with modern loading and unloading terminals with an access to LesnoyeNovoe Station. Completely reconstructed in 2019; - Communication and telecommunication facilities. Dedicated Internet access, IP telephony; - Motor ways, with a total length of 5 km. The advantages for constructing enterprises on the territory of the Baltic Industrial Park: - availability of developed industrial and transport infrastructure, including motorways and railways; - a distance from the park to the nearest settlement and available undeveloped territory nearby offer opportunities for expanding the park boundaries without violating the requirements of sanitary protection zone laws;";s:4:"TYPE";s:4:"HTML";}
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Baltic Industrial Park
125 Baltiyskoye shosse st
55 Ha
25 MW
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