Strategic session of AIP Russia «From quantity to quality. A New Stage in the Development of Industrial Infrastructure in Russi»
AIP Russia strategic session :
"From Quantity to Quality. A new stage in the development of industrial infrastructure in Russia".


Location: (proposals by members of the API are considered)

Purpose of the session:
To develop a strategy for the development of industrial infrastructure for the next 10 years and decide which system documents need to be updated/complicated: the national standard, classification of industrial parks, guidelines for the creation and management of industrial parks.

Describe the "product" of an industrial park in its current form, and predict its desired evolution based on best practices and global best practices.
Create unique knowledge (based on best practices) about how demand for industrial infrastructure will change and how to develop your industrial park and the entire industry based on an informed understanding of the current state of the industry and development trends.
Create an ideal long-term business development model for an industrial park in Russia.
Form a task for the AIP Russia to develop system documents and methodological materials / activities.
Expected results, outputs (materials that we want to get at the end):
Summary of the discussion: consolidated in one file answers of experts to the questions of the stratsession (the questions are given below). Analysis of the answers: for which questions there is obvious unity of opinion and for which questions, on the contrary, opinions are polarly divided, with an indication of the weight of each opinion. It is important to reflect not only the general conclusions that were eventually agreed upon, but also original, unusual ideas.

Presentation with the conclusions of the stratsessiya (one slide for each Block of questions) and the action plan for the modernization of the National Standard GOST R 56301-2014 "Industrial parks. Requirements" and methodological recommendations for industry participants.