AIP Annual Report on 2021 is piblished
In summing up the past year, it is impossible to avoid the theme of the pandemic, which has brought adjustments to our lives and daily work.

However, it was in 2021 that we learned to live our lives in a new way and even got used to certain rules and restrictions.
2021 was a record year for regional events, with the largest number of Association members ever taking part in study tours to industrial parks.

We worked very closely and intensively with regulators throughout the year, almost all measures of state support from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development were overwhelmed.
The number of direct requests from potential investors to locate production in Russia's industrial parks and SEZs continues to grow steadily.

Preliminary studies of the industrial park industry's performance in 2020-2021 suggest that the pandemic has not caused a decline in demand for industrial park services and investment growth continues. For the coming years, we estimate demand for industrial parks to be high in all regions of Russia.
AIP's Industrial Construction Committee has become a full-fledged platform for working with service providers in design, construction and project management. Numerous projects involving API members have been formed on the committee's platform.

The Association of Industrial Parks of Russia team is also gradually developing; in 2021 we have strengthened the Analytical Unit and are preparing a number of new publications, which will soon be presented and available to all Association members for free, as well as to a wider audience on a paid basis.

In 2022, we will continue to support members of the Association on a daily basis, hold at least 20 specialised events, publish several methodological materials, continue to improve the industry portal The main priorities remain the same: work on attracting investors (residents) to Russian industrial parks, improving the regulatory framework for supporting industrial infrastructure and providing targeted methodological assistance to AIP members on implementing support measures and building efficient businesses on the Of the new directions, we will strongly activate digital services and work to promote industrial parks on the Internet, and we will start working on international ESG certification of industrial parks.

We wish all members of our community successful development and constructive work.
Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you in your business! Translated with (free version)