AIP discussed digitalization in industrial parks and SEZs in Russia on the site of SEZ «Lipetsk»
Special Economic Zone "Lipetsk" became a platform for a meeting of members of the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia and the Association of European Businesses today.

Participants dedicated the business dialogue to digitalization of industrial parks and SEZs, discussed new trends and standards in industrial construction, software innovations, and modern infrastructure management requirements on the part of investors.

The business dialogue was held in a hybrid format, many of the event guests participated online. Tadzio Schilling, Director General of the Association of European Businesses, made a welcoming speech and noted that today digitalization has become an integral part of our lives.

The participants including representatives of the world leading engineering and consulting companies, industrial enterprises, industrial parks and special economic zones discussed i which areas of industrial and construction automation are the most perspective now. All participants agreed that today no investment site can successfully operate without modern digital tools.

Dmitry Dudarev, General Director of SEZ PPP "Lipetsk", on the example of the project implementation in the Lipetsk region demonstrated the system of automated monitoring and control of networks and infrastructure facilities, which not only allows to increase the reliability of engineering systems of the special economic zone, but also significantly reduces the costs of tenant companies.

"I am sure that modern production is impossible without up-to-date tools for data collection of accounting systems. There are 65 residents registered on the territory of the special economic zone "Lipetsk", some of them are already carrying out their activities, some are under construction, a number of investors are in the design stage, but everyone is interested in accurate calculations of energy consumption, reduction of losses and an overall increase in efficiency. We strive to provide our customers with the best technical capabilities to do this, and we see that our offer is in increasing demand.

The event continued with a tour on the SEZ territory and a visit to its residents: LLC "Bekart Lipetsk" and the OBO Bettermann plant.
AIP Russia and the Association of European Businesses express their gratitude for the hospitable and professionally organized reception of SEZ "Lipetsk" Management Company.