AIP Russia released a jubilee Xth issue of the Overview Industrial Parks
On April 19, 2023 in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation the tenth anniversary edition of the annual industry review "Industrial parks of Russia - 2023" was presented. The event was held with the information support of the Kommersant Publishing House.

Opening remarks were made by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexey Besrezvannykh and Executive Director of the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia Denis Zhuravsky.

Since 2013, the Industrial Parks Association, supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, has been issuing an annual review containing key data on the development dynamics of organized industrial territories for the placement of production facilities of various industry sectors. The indicators of Russian industrial parks and SEZs are analyzed in the dynamics by year, as well as the cumulative total with a breakdown by region and type of site.

The new issue presents for the first time comparative data for the full year 2022, as well as the final figures for the 10 years.

In the anniversary issue of Industrial Parks in Russia, the authors have added a number of new indicators that are important for investors, management companies and authorities. Many indicators will appear in the research for the first time:

- such criterion as the age of industrial parks appears,

- the conversion of parks from being created into operating ones is analyzed,

- the dynamics of the average area of the industrial park for 10 years is given,

- the distribution of the area of parks by federal districts is compared,

- the occupancy of industrial parks by area in hectares and by finished space is compared,

- an average "portrait" of an industrial park in the context of forms of ownership is given,

- it calculates average investments in infrastructure per 1 hectare, investments in the creation of production, the number of jobs created.

These indicators can be used as normative to assess the effectiveness of projects, as well as in practical work in the development of business plans, concepts, design and construction.

Printed version of the jubilee edition is published in limited edition and distributed at the events of AIP Russia. The electronic version will be available on the industry portal