AIP Russia summed up the results of 2020
On December 10, a meeting of the Board of the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia took place, and results of the outgoing year and plans for the future were discussed.
The Association will keep in priority the main activity directions, such as:

1) collective promotion of industrial parks and attraction of investors;
2) development of digital solutions on the industry web-portal "Industrial Parks and SEZ of Russia";
3) methodological support of the members of the AIP of Russia.

The annual report "Summary of the work of the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia in 2020" is posted in the public domain.

After the official part, the Winter Meeting of the AIP Russia members took place, which opened a series of Christmas and New Year celebrations summing up the results of the 2020 business season.

The members of the Association met in an informal cocktail to expand business contacts in a professional environment, exchange opinions with the colleagues.

Summarizing the results of 2020, the main achievements and results were noted:
- almost 100 direct requests from investors for localization of production to the AIP (for incomplete 2020, 32 investor companies applied to the AIP of Russia);
- launch of the web=portal "Industrial Parks and SEZ of Russia"
- in the context of a pandemic, the Operational Dialogue "Industrial Parks - the Most Relevant Today and Tomorrow" were opened