Dimitrovgrad Industrial Park Master" has been certified by the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia
The decision to assign the status of an operating industrial park was taken at a meeting of the certification commission on 8 June.

"DIP "Master" is already the third industrial park in the Ulyanovsk region, which confirmed the high status of compliance with the National Standard GOST R 56301-2014 "Industrial parks. Requirements". The certification confirms the specialised status of the industrial site and professionalism of the management company. According to statistics, certified industrial parks have better investment activity than the industry average. DIP Master is visible not only regionally, but also internationally. In addition, the site plays a significant role in the local economy - finished space is in high demand from SMEs. The new premises planned for commissioning are already 40-50% contracted by small and medium business", - co-chairman of the board of AIP Russia Maksim Pazdnikov.

As a reminder, the industrial park site was formed in 2018 on the vacant premises of the Dimitrovgrad Auto Aggregate Plant. Its main task is to diversify the economy of the single-industry town of Dimitrovgrad. The first anchor resident of DIP Master is the Belarusian company Polesie, which will set up production of children's toys here in 2019. The Belarusian investor has been producing toys for more than 20 years and exports its products to 66 countries. The company has created more than 200 new jobs for residents of the Ulyanovsk region.

"On June 8, the members of the AIP Certification Commission unanimously decided that the park meets the National Standard. The total area of the industrial park is 16 hectares, and the area of the production building is 149,000 square metres. At the moment, there are 24 residents on its territory, who have invested more than 300 million roubles in setting up enterprises," said Dmitry Vavilin, acting Minister of Economic Development and Industry of the Ulyanovsk Region.
At the moment, such companies as Polesie DG, DAZ, Prizma, Avtosvet, AVP-Rotang, Torsion-D and others are operating in the Dimitrovgrad Master Industrial Park. The companies worked even during the pandemic, saving jobs and not laying off staff.

"Specialisations in plastics processing, production of electrical goods, toys and consumer goods are emerging on the park's site. The new enterprises located on the vacant premises of DAAZ have already created over 500 new jobs. In the coming months, the next phase of Polesie's production will start up, which will employ around 100 more people from the region. We plan to further expand the park, we continue negotiations," Sergey Vasin, General Director of the Regional Development Corporation, said.

We would remind you that the financing for the creation of the park is carried out with the help of the federal budget. The Russian Ministry of Economic Development allocated RUB 500 million to support the creation of the park's infrastructure as part of the national project 'Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship and Support of Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives'.
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