Russian-Chinese industrial dialogue - reboot after the pandemic

Working visit of the Russian delegation headed by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation A.V. Gruzdev to China took place at the beginning of April 2023. The AIP of Russia took an active part in the preparation and conduct of the visit.

The trip was one of the first practical steps to implement the agreements in the field of industrial and technological cooperation reached during the state visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Russia.

The delegation members visited the Guangzhou Development Zone and got acquainted with the Huangpu and Nansha industrial clusters, examined the production facilities of leading companies in the field of microelectronics, medicine, pharmaceuticals and engineering, and established working contacts with business leaders.

It was noted that the interest on the part of Chinese companies in investing in Russia has increased for a number of factors and has become much higher than the “pre-pandemic” period.

AIP Russia has established new contacts with Chinese partners and launched work in several areas of work:

1. Localization of Chinese technological enterprises in Russia and promotion of the AIP of Russia service for selecting a site for locating the production of Chinese industrial companies in the regions of Russia

- as a result of the presentation of the service, the AIP of Russia has already received an Application for localization assistance from a Chinese bio-medical company, and a number of negotiations are underway with potential partners to place a business in Russia

- information about the service and the Questionnaire for site selection in Chinese is posted on the resources of the Russian Trade Representation in China and on the resources of the Guangdong Union for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation with the CIS countries and other business associations of Guangdong.

2. Creation of the Russian-Chinese trade and industrial park at several sites in Guangdong and in the regions of Russia

- The initiative is being developed jointly with the Board of the Guangdong Development Zone with the support of business associations of the two countries.

3. Technological cooperation and assistance in the creation of joint ventures in the industrial sector.

In all these areas, the AIP of Russia will continue systematic work with new partners from China.

We would like to thank Alexander Dakhnovsky, Trade Representative of Russia in China, and the staff of the trade mission for their professional support, organizing productive meetings and preparing a productive visit to China.