Working visit of AIP to Belarus on export of services of management companies of Russia
On 1 - 2 August 2022 AIP Russia made a working visit to the Republic of Belarus. Dureing the visit AIP of Russia and the National Agency of Investment and Privatisation of the Republic of Belarus signed an Memorandum on cooperation in Minsk. An Parties reached an agreement on methodological assistance on the part of the Russian Association in the creation of industrial infrastructure in Belarus and the development of an appropriate legal framework based on Russian experience.
The Belarusian authorities are interested in involving Russian management companies in the creation of industrial parks. Negotiations with some companies are already under way, and applications are being accepted from interested Russian organisations that have successful experience in management of industrial parks.Two sites in the cities of Baranovichi and Pinsk in the Brest region have been identified as pilot projects. In all, about 10 industrial parks are planned to be created.
As an exchange of experience, the AIP delegation visited the Great Stone industrial park and met with the management company of the Bremino-Orsha industrial park - both projects were established by Decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus, and are located on the route of the "One Belt, One Road" and "North-South" transport corridors which are strategically important for Russia.
The establishment of the International Alliance of Industrial Parks, to which management companies from Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Egypt and other countries are invited, was discussed with the Agency's management and management companies.